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New Year

On the first day of the new year the boys and I sat down and worked out our budget. It was an interesting exercise to say the least.

The boys made two wish lists; adventures and things. On the adventures list are an NHL game, NFL game, MLB game, science museum, children’s museum, mini golf, water park, and several others. The other list had a few things for the x-box and some other minor wants.

They will be paid every other week, on Monday when they come home. We have made up charts to track the long and short term savings goals.

I am excited to build their financial literacy and watch them accomplish their mutual goals.

They will have opportunities to earn additional money, although we have not worked out all the details on that one. The money they earn individually will be for personal use.

I also did some budgeting. My January budget is in place and I will work on the budget for February in a couple weeks. I’m hoping, of course, that I’ll be working within a couple weeks so the budget may change a bit. If not, the one I have will remain in place until I am working.

My budget is very tight. Every penny accounted for. All of my necessities are covered with very little room for extras. Until my savings are built up a little bit again life will continue to be fairly scaled back. Still no bowling, no cable or internet, no luxuries. I’m okay with that for a little while. I am confident that within a month or two the situation will change.

With any luck the divorce will be final abcs that will bring a whole new dynamic to our lives.

Happy new year. Thank you for joining me on this journey. There have definitely been some twists and turns…but I enjoy the scenery on this road as opposed to a straight, flat drive.



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