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Can’t Sleep

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to the friend who died of an accidental gunshot wound.

Adam (age 24) worked good me when I managed the hotel…one of my minions. I am still in disbelief at the circumstances surrounding his death and have to keep reminding myself that God works for good in all things; not some things, not most things, ALL things.

I have stopped trying too make this tragedy make sense. It was driving me crazy. How does a responsible gun owner have this kind of accident? Not for me to figure out. The answers to the questions I have are way above my pay grade.

Also tomorrow, Battle Buddy is going for an MRI. A lump was discovered on his right side. It’s not nothing…it is something, the only question is how serious and did they catch it in time? (Yes, I know that’s two questions).

With this weighing on my mind, I’m having trouble falling asleep. My trust is in God who is faithful and just.

Rest in peace Adam, we’ll take it from here.

Praying hard Battle Buddy…we got your back.


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