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First Goal

The boys have reached the first goal with their operating budget. Saturday after bowling we are going to spend the day at the indoor water park at a local hotel. I am so proud of them for negotiating this first goal. They were torn between an afternoon at the movies or the day at the water park. They must have discussed it for a good twenty minutes. They asked questions about payments and timing and  the parenting schedule before making the final call. 

They have to pay for their wristbands and if they want to play at the arcade. I will feed them lunch before we go and depending how late we stay I will either buy supper there our we will eat when we get home. I’m thinking five hours may be enough…but you never know with these two.


3 thoughts on “First Goal

      • Chances are, they will share those stories with their kids someday. Ours was of the change we saved to buy our first real Christmas tree. Somehow, we wound up with a tall tree that should have cost way more than we had. To this day, we believe it was mispriced–or, a Christmas miracle.

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