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Finding Center

People are often looking for balance in their lives. Right now I need to find my center. You can’t balance anything if you don’t know where the center is.

For this I’m extremely fortunate that my unemployment claim was granted. I have 26 weeks (19 remaining) to really make a difference and to set mfr in the direction of a life that is happy and fulfilling.

Yes, money is tight for now; and worth every cut back we’ve had to make. I still have no internet or cable, I quit the bowling league, I do laundry at my friend’s house to save money, and rarely go out.

On the plus side, I have enough to pay the rent, utilities, vehicle expenses, and the boys operating budget. We get SNAP benefits to cover food.

I have been asked to join a “Next Gen Think Tank” for our church. It is a committee focused on the youth, children, and families of our congregation. This is going to be a ton of work to get things going in the right direction.

As of February I am back on the teaching schedule for Creation Station and looking forward to being involved in the direction our children’s ministry moves forward.

I am exiting about getting these children involved in their faith. I’d like to add a children’s choir for special occasions to involve the kids a little more.

So as I find center, I need to decide on a few goals. Career, financial, spiritual, family…

I need to make them as specific as possible with a goal date. Where do I want to be in six months, one year, five years, ten years. I know the five and ten year goals are extremely fluid, but if I  at least have a vision I can begin to take steps in that direction.

Enjoy the next steps of my journey. I’m excited to share it with you.


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