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I’ve been working on coming up with some goals…by working I mean I started thinking about them last night when I was bored and had no other way to kill time. I was out of excuses to procrastinate anymore…and you know I had a ton of them. I had used them all.

I am trying to make the goals following the SMART format of goal making.

  • Significant/Specific: I can have a goal to eat lunch…but don’t most people? If I was anorexic, this would be significant, I’m not.
  • Measurable: I have to be able to measure my progress…instead of “I want to be rich” I need to define what rich is.
  • Attainable: I know I can’t be a millionaire by the weekend…let’s be a little bit realistic
  • Relevant: Does it fit my life, my other goals, does it matter to me?
  • Time Bound: Put a deadline on it. Someday will never come. April 2015 is a deadline.

In addition to those guidelines, I came up with another list as well (remember…I was procrastinating):

  • Share: with my friends what my goals are
  • Maintain focus with visual reminders
  • Accountable: to another person or group
  • Reward myself at set milestones
  • Take action TODAY

Making realistic goals is harder than it sounds. Retired at 50, when broken down, becomes Save $400 each week starting now. I have no desire to retire at 50, so I’m lucky there. But when you go through the process you start to see what is attainable and what an acceptable time line may be.

The categories I am choosing to focus on right now are all areas that will be minimally effected by the status of my divorce and/or custody of the boys. Career, financial, artistic, and physical are all going to get their wake up all.

Usually when making goals people think in terms of immediate, short, medium, and long term. I am thinking, immediate, when the boys are teenagers, when they are both on their own, and the end zone. I can put a five or ten year label on these, but it wouldn’t be five or ten…and for some reason my brain will not allow me to put a goal of 12 years.

I will keep you updated on these goals.



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