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I Discovered…

Yesterday, after many years, I took the 5 Love Languages quiz. I had taken it years ago when I was married and discovered that my love language then was receiving gifts.

For somebody so smart, I sure can be stupid at times.  Here I’ve been thinking my love language is one, when it turns out not only have I moved to a country where that language is rarely spoken, I’ve become fluent in a new language.

My love language now is Quality Time. No longer do love notes, and random gifts talk the loudest to me. The gift of time is by far the clearest way to speak to my heart.

As two of my children are nearly fluent in a language other than their first language, I shouldn’t be surprised that I could as well in terms of love.

As I wrote that last paragraph it occured to me…what if Quality Time was my first language and I learned Receiving Gifts growing up because that’s the language everybody around me was speaking?  

Now that I’ve loved and lost…and am truly free to be myself…what if my first language is coming back to me, like riding a bike.

I am going to explore this new information…and hopefully spend the rest of my life with a man who not only understands, but also knows (or is willing to learn) my language.

We all deserve to feel loved…even me 😉


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