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I don’t have much time to write today as I have to run and grab fruit for the boys after school snack. I started this on our last week together and it was the first thing they asked for when we got home yesterday. Today’s request: grapes, fresh pineapple and strawberries. No problem my loves!!

The ex is causing more problems than ever right now and has again begun to reach into my social circle. It is one of his ways of keeping me isolated. He makes it so miserable for anybody to even try to be my friend or support that it’s easier on everybody if they just walk away.

The Seabee is finally coming home and I can’t wait to see him. It’s still a little while to go, but less than 100 days.

I went skating…yes, ice skating, for the first time in 19 years last Saturday…OMG…talk about cheap therapy and sore muscles!! I showed the boys a picture that the friend whom I went with took of me on the ice (standing) and now B2 can’t wait to get out there. He said I might have to help him for the first few minutes but then he’ll have it all figured out after that. He has never been on ice skates before!!

I have been actively expanding my social circle lately, accepting invites to lunch, skating, coffee, and visits. Although difficult to step out of my comfort zone as the depression monster fights every step of the way…well worth it every time. Thankfully, the people I surrounded by lately don’t take no for an answer very often. When invited for lunch, I immediately responded that the dining-out portion of my budget had already been used for my Valentine’s Day date. Well, their treat…can’t hardly turn that one down! We talked for over an hour about nothing and everything. I love getting to know people.

I am now part of a support group that at least gets me out of the house one evening a week. I am also joining a class at church that will be held for the first four Monday’s in March titled Discovery. (Two nights down)

I need to write…and keep writing…it’s the only hope.

I am very much praying for peace and wisdom lately…because if I pray for strength, I’m going to need bail money to go with it!!

So thankful for my kiddos…they are so awesomely awesome.


3 thoughts on “Blurb

  1. I love your closing line about strength and jail, lol. Never thought about it that way!

    Always makes a Momma feel good when kids ask for fruit as a snack. 🙂

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