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Every year for the last four or five years the Lenten season has always been a special time for the kids and I. On Ash Wednesday we start a Lenten devotional and start our vegetable seeds indoors. With the boys being with their dad for Ash Wednesday this was not an option this year. They did take the children’s devotional provided by our church to their dad’s house, but have reported that their dad does not do it with them. We also are not sure where we can have garden space so I decided on container gardening for this year.

Yesterday we planted some spinach, carrots and cucumbers. The carrots we planted in clear soda bottles so we can watch the roots develop…they found the idea quite appealing. It will be interesting to say the least.

I have always used Lent as a time for deeper prayer. I have never been much for giving up something for Lent. This year…so much has changed.

I am journaling about my struggles with my choice for this year and will share the edited version when I am ready. I am hoping that this journey is only the beginning of many wonderful things to come.

Some of the difficulty is that it is such a different thought process from what I am used to…I’ll keep you posted,


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