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I am on the mend from last week’s surgery. I am doing pretty good considering I just had my throat sliced open. It looked much worse than it felt after the bandages came off and even looks not too bad now. Both boys were eager to show me off to heir friends at school today (my first day taking them to school since the surgery).

Easter was a day of rest in our house as I woke up sicker than a dog. I felt so bad having to call in not being able to teach Sunday School on such a glorious day. I just knew it was in everybody’s best interest if I stayed put. The boys were AWESOME (as always) giving me time to rest up. I was thankful it was nice out so they spent some time playing outside and watching movies, playing games.

Definitely no big Easter meal though…they ate their candy for breakfast, pizza rolls for lunch and oatmeal for supper…at least they ate; and two of their meals were ‘hot’. I didn’t even attempt three food groups…and they didn’t question it! (Imagine that).

Today I spent the day curled up watching TV through my eyelids and that seems to have helped immeasurably. I took Boy2 for a haircut after school and let Boy1 buy a game he’s been saving up for. We came to the library for a quick visit and now are headed home. I think it’s pizza tonight for supper (or something just as easy).

Thank you for the prayers and encouragement as this last few weeks have kicked my butt emotionally and physically.


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