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Home Alone

I don’t have a problem with teaching children responsibility and independence. I DO have a problem with leaving a nine year old home to babysit his six year old brother when the parent is not even available to pick them up from daycare to drop them off at home…how can he claim to be available if they need something important (because apparently picking them up from daycare before they close is NOT important).

The other night the ex did not pick the boys up from daycare (she is licensed as well as one of his very close friends) so I can only assume that by prior arrangement she was to drop the boys off at home after she was closed for the day (5:30pm). The distance from his place of work to her daycare is about two and a half blocks. The distance from his work to his house is about three (maybe four) blocks. He could not be bothered to pick them up at daycare and take them home…but claims to be available to them if they had called needing anything.

On TOP of this information…I’m not sure his daycare is even licensed to transport children in a personal vehicle or whether or not they had car seats in use (both boys are still required to be in booster seats according to their height).

From 5:30 pm until 8:30pm the boys (ages six and nine) were left home alone. They have a bedtime at my house of 8:00pm. They are sleeping within 10 minutes of going to bed (it’s ok…be jealous). I understand that their bedtime at his house is not until 9:00pm. I do believe that they need to be fed supper before they go to bed and that neither one of them should be anywhere near anything that gets hot with no supervision…AT ALL.

I also know my boys…I know that if B1 and B2 started wrestling and B2 got hurt…B1 would feel EXTREMELY guilty and would try to take care of it on his own before calling dad…case in point…the other day they had been wrestling in the bedroom at my place and when I heard B2 start to cry I could tell it was muffled. When I went to investigate, B1 had his hand over his mouth trying to get him to stop so he didn’t get in trouble…it doesn’t take long for things to escalate at that point to all out war between two very active boys. They just don’t even have the brain capacity to take a step back and review the situation.

March 7, he also left them home alone so he could decorate a local venue for a benefit being held for his mother. FIVE HOURS they were home alone…again…no supper. B2 fell asleep on the living room floor for a little while and then woke up again after a while. B1 stayed up until dad got home at 11:30 pm.

As it is apparent that he has no clue on how to parent children I have decided to NOT sign the mediation agreement and to ask the court for full custody. I just can’t, in good faith, allow my children to live under those circumstances without giving it all I have.

Lord, as I go through this next few days and weeks, please continue to fill me with your love and guidance so I can make decisions that put you first. Help me to stay on the path you have laid in front of me with strength, grace, love and honor.


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