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Well, mediation didn’t go as planned, but we came to an agreement. His lawyer was to write up the papers for us to sign and everything should have been finished with that. Well, the papers came and they missed a few things and added a few others…I’m guessing thinking that I would just sign them and not read them. The second set (supposedly corrected) papers came back and there were still mistakes. My lawyer advised me to sign them and have the courts amend them later.

I refused to sign them, I know what it’s like to try to get papers amended after agreeing to them. It is my opinion the lawyer just wants it off his desk. Well, the scheduled court date is Monday. My lawyer sent me an email at 5:00pm Friday letting me know that court is Monday morning and he hopes we don’t get blown out of the water because he is unprepared for a trial as he was under the impression that we had settled the case.

So was I…but I will not be bullied into signing legal documents that significantly affect the life of my children when I do not agree with them. As much as I want things finished I will not just cross my fingers and hope a judge will buy the fact that I signed papers I didn’t agree with…how stupid do I look?

So…off to trial we go…Monday morning, 9:00am. My lawyer said that he has plans for the weekend and will be out of town so we are ‘winging it’ pretty much. As you can imagine, I am concerned.

Although I had agreed to 50/50 and joint legal, joint physical it has become more and more clear that the ex will not make that a feasible option. These kids need stability and consistency. I should not have to pay a mediator to figure out if I can put my kids in swimming lessons. That is completely unreasonable.

Say a prayer that this judge takes only the needs of the boys into consideration and that I have the strength to get through this in one piece. I understand I may not like the judges ruling…and that will just have to be mine to deal with after the fact. At least I will know I have done everything in my power to do what I think needs to be done for these kids.


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