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Not Your Typical…

Not your typical Mother’s Day at our home. In Minnesota, the opening weekend for fishing is always the same weekend as Mother’s Day. I have heard they stories of many upset women who lose their husbands for Mother’s Day weekend due to this schedule. With the divorce, I have the boys every Mother’s Day weekend. As my family lives 600 miles away I have no family obligations for the day.

No breakfast in bed, no flowers, no pampering. Instead, we dug night crawlers in the parking lot of our apartment after a day of rain so we had bait for fishing. Yep, that’s Mother’s Day in our house. We went to church at the 11am service as I had to teach, we were treated to lunch, then as B2 needed some down time we went home and watched a movie. After that we headed out to go fishing.

We spent the weekend fishing. My first opener in 25 years or more! Such a great time. To see the boys so filled with excitement, and fun was more of a blessing on my Mother’s Day than any soggy cereal and cold coffee ever could!


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