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Currently I am still not working outside the home (but will have to start soon). Still waiting for my new Green Card so I can replace my missing social security card so I can get a job. I am still teaching Sunday School (Creation Station) at least twice a month, I serve as worship host once or twice a month (make coffee and put the treats out), cook a meal for the youth group once or twice per month (supper for 20+ people), am a member of the NextGen Think Tank team (we are the planners and visionaries for the family ministry of the church), plus I attend and help to lead the Celebrate Recovery meeting on Friday evenings. When I think about how much I do in an hourly view it’s not much, but the commitment is significant when I think about adding in a full time job.

Especially with summer and everything else the boys and I have going on. I want to be able to focus my time in areas that not only helps us grow as a family, but in ways that serve God and helps other families find their strengths and overcome their shortcomings (perceived or real).

I think the first commitment that I am going to be stepping away from is Celebrate Recovery. It’s a great program and a wonderful tool for those with habits, hurts, and hang ups (yes I realize that every person falls in that category). There are issues with this group that are far too big for me to handle at this point. There needs to be a significant overhaul of the program and I can see that the current leaders are indeed trying to make change I unfortunately cannot make the time/energy commitment to make the necessary changes to make the program as effective as I think it can be at our church. It’s almost as if the program needs to be stopped and restarted…but I don’t know if that is a good idea with the population we serve.

As an integral member of our NextGen team, I think it is a much more valuable use of my time and talents to scale back the areas outside of family ministry so that as our church grows (which it is exponentially) I can continue to serve with ease in the areas I am currently serving in.

The area where we live has a sadly broken population. Broken homes, broken families, broken people. If we aim to make a difference in these families we must be willing and able to dig deep in to their lives on a personal and spiritual level. As I typed that I realized that I would love to ‘teach’ families how to pray together. As much as I strive to serve God, I am terrible at praying as a family. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to sit down with your family for a quick prayer session? How cool would it be to be out for coffee with a friend and say a prayer together.

How much stronger our families would be if we were comfortable praying openly and often. I think this is something I am going to take on as my personal mission.

Yesterday the Lunch Lady and the Milk Man moved away. I could not have gotten through the last year without their love, support, friendship…I know we will always have a bond that no distance can break, I only wish the distance wasn’t so far.

It is time for people to start praying together outside of the walls of the church. In our homes, in our cars, with our families, friends, loved ones…it’s just time to pray. No more awkward silences, no more ‘searching for the right words’ in a difficult situation. A simple, “Let’s pray” is all it takes to start a new world for so many broken people.


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