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Backing Away

I wrote a preliminary ‘resignation’ type letter to the overseer of the Celebrate Recovery program…I haven’t sent it yet, but I did let the current leaders know I would not be attending tonight.

I know my role there is small, yet I feel the need to completely step away. It is not a good fit for me and part of being healthy is to know when you have given all you can and when it is time to walk away.

There are some things I just can’t do and trying to overhaul that program is definitely one of them. I believe I have the talent and the tools, I just don’t have the resources (people and time wise) to make it happen.

I would rather see a bible study group (what we call our GPS groups) for people in recovery. For our transient population it would be a better fit. We have a mixed generation group, a young families group, a newcomers group, why not a recovery group?

For now I will leave it on the back burner…WAY on the back burner. But I will not forget it.



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