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The Greatest Man

My grandpa died this last week. I am in Canada with family to celebrate his life and mourn our loss. He was so very miserable at the end…wanting to go home yet unable to. I am sad that he transitioned in to that phase before his passing; I would have much preferred he went while he was at peace with his fate.

The lunch lady was the first person I called to share the news with. She kept telling me, from when we first found out the end was near, that he would wait for me to get my green card. My green card arrived on Thursday, I picked up new birth certificates for the boys on Monday, he died Tuesday morning…sure seems like God kept him around just long enough.

Tonight I saw my mom for the first time in over three years…also all four of my brothers and some of my nieces and nephews I also haven’t seen in what felt like forever. Funny thing about love…the time and miles melted away instantly…you would have thought we were together last weekend the way we all laughed, joked, and carried on.

As we got closer to town I began to panic…how could I go to Grandma’s house and not be overcome with grief…how could I walk in and not find him there?

So many family members, so much love…he was definitely with us tonight. His picture may have been in a frame, but his name, his voice, his stories were definitely in our hearts and on our lips.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to the strongest man in the world.


I love you more than you will ever know and that will never ever change. Thank you for years of stories and tales and teaching us all about love and laughter and family and education and to never stop learning.

I bet Douglas was happy to have you with him…think of the amazing journey’s you will now share with him as you wait for the rest of us to join you in Heaven…




One thought on “The Greatest Man

  1. My heartfelt condolences, Deb. Attended a funeral today myself. So sad when a much-loved presence leaves life as we know it. Hugs and prayers for peace to you and all your family.

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