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The ONE Time

I won’t lie, it’s not good.

The first time I am absolutely sure there is nothing wrong…

The first time I actually get something checked almost immediately…

Not even an ounce of concern on my part.

Malignant until proven otherwise, that’s not good.

Step two is an ultrasound…why are we skipping the ultrasound…I don’t even have to ask. All I remember is aggressive, malignant, and treat.

I went to the doctor yesterday because I was having some minor pain on the inner aspect of my left breast. It’s been about 2 weeks and I have had no trauma or any other reason it would be sore (especially for that long). Although convinced it was nothing, I go in…I never go in.

Talk to doc and he also doesn’t feel a lump and orders a mammogram and tells me if the mammogram is suspicious the radiologist will recommend an ultrasound…but his best guess is that it’s just benign breast pain…no big deal.

The tech takes 2 pictures of each breast and tells me to take a seat the radiologist is right out side and she wants to make sure she got what he wants to look at.

I send a text to my ex-husband’s first ex-wife joking that isn’t this how people get bad news…they think nothing is wrong and then BAM…life changes?? She lol’s back at me.

The tech returns and says I can get dressed. Then she says the radiologist is already writing his report to my doctor and that I will be hearing from them today, “I won’t lie, it’s not good.”

I get a call within a couple hours from my doctor…as I am on the way to listen to the boys sing for a musical performance at their school…

I don’t remember a lot…just that it is a large area of calcifications and that it is considered aggressively malignant until proven otherwise and a biopsy has been ordered and he doesn’t want it done locally, he wants it done at a breast health center almost 3 hours away.

I get a follow up call from scheduling that tells me the Fine Needle Aspiration may not be a possibility with what they can see on my mammogram so they are waiting for their radiologist and surgeon to read it before deciding how to proceed. I ask nonchalantly how far out they are scheduling a procedure such as that and am told, “There is a note here saying it needs to be done this week and we will accommodate that.”


3 thoughts on “The ONE Time

  1. Funny. I thought of you yesterday and how you’re doing, after I came across a comment you left on one of my past blogs. You are in my prayers. Hugs. Keep us posted, please.

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