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My new non-favorite word is invasive. I went to Fargo yesterday for my consult and biopsy. They all commented how this is a unique presentation and definitely not textbook. Not real encouraging as they are all staring at my breast with the ultrasound trying to figure out just how they are going to manage getting a sample they can use.

Pathology came back and the diagnosis is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. As far as we can see there is no lymph involvement but they will take samples during surgery to make sure. They grade the samples on a 1 – 3 scale; one sample came back as grade 1, the other as grade 2.

Due to the size of the tumor, a lumpectomy is not an option and a mastectomy is recommended. This might mean that I won’t need radiation because I will have no breast tissue to treat. There is a chance that they chose to radiate some of the chest wall depending on the surgical findings.


Telling the boys tonight. Not looking forward to it. B2 will totally rock this, B1 will be crushed and scared and absolutely pissed off…can’t say as I blame him. I’m kinda angry myself.

Thanks for prayers, for support, for everything. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Invasive

  1. Prayer is stronger than any radiation man can use. I am a big believer in faith in God. I believe keep saying to yourself and with every step know that I agree with you healing is coming. He walks along with us always and carries us when its the hardest. I believe in God’s anointed healing. I believe in his holy angels that have come to my aid and comfort. Not once but twice in my life so yes I know I have stood face to face with angels. So get on your knees tonight and begin to thank him. Thank him for every thing he has everything he has every done for you. When you think you have run out of things to thank him for. Then ask him to forgive you for whatever you think you may have done wrong. Then Start asking him to help you forgive every person you can think of that has ever done something to you. When you finish ask him to heal you and tell him straight from your heart and from the Bible. That you have heard that in this book he healed people. You have read stories of how he healed people. You have read from that same book how he healed people. You have and quote the scripture verse and the name of the person that wrote it. That he promised us that we could, would and should be healed also if we did the things he wrote in his word. Be ready for the foundation to shake when you tell him. I believe you because you cannot lie. Amen! You are God and God cannot lie only the devil can lie. Then receive your healing from him. Amen!

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