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The Tale of Two Blogs

I keep a CaringBridge page to keep my friends and family updated on my cancer journey and also as a legacy for my kids. What CaringBridge cannot do is it cannot give me a place to vent my frustrations like I am about to do here. Very few people know of this blog. The friends who do are close enough that they will understand the rant…

I developed a rash on Saturday. It covers my neck, face, scalp (which is still covered with hair btw), and shoulders. I cannot go to work with this rash. I FEEL fine…I have no physical side effects like nausea or anything.

On CaringBridge I can post about the treatments, the rash, the ups and downs. Educate everybody on the how and why of treatments and decisions to be made.

I can’t post about how lonely I am. My family is 600 miles away. If I was ‘at home’ right now it would be ok for me to be out in public, going for breakfast with my parents (they go out for breakfast every day at 9:00am). Nobody would even bat an eyelash at this rash…more than likely they would make fun of me…and we’d all enjoy it.

Here, not so much.

I was called by the newspaper to share my story about what Santa brought me for Christmas…I don’t want to go out…but I feel strongly to share the greatness of the local people and how wonderful they have been to the kids and I since the diagnosis.


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