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Over the last couple of years we have been so blessed by those who came out of the woodwork and supported us through the worst of storms.

As I head back to work (only part time, but it’s a start) the boys and I are taking steps to pay it forward.

There is no way on earth I can pay back the kindness, the grace, the love, the financial support of those who took us under their wings. For that reason we are paying it forward in ways that may not seem like much, but hopefully make a difference to those we touch.

This week we adopted an American Soldier on deployment through the Adoptaussoldier.org website. The program asks only that you commit to write a letter each week to the service member you are assigned for the entirety of their deployment. Even I can afford that!

When I told the boys about this opportunity their first question was, “Is it like when Seabee was gone and we wanted to send him things?” I said yes, but different. This will be for a stranger and it is our job to make sure he knows that somebody cares and is praying for them. It is our job to write them a letter to make sure they know they are cared about back home.

This week we sent out our first introduction letter to the service member we are assigned. I sent pictures of the boys along so the service member knows who is praying. The program states you might never hear from your match, and just to send letters of encouragement each week until their deployment ends (the program will let you know when they return home).

I pray that our match is brought a spot of sunshine to hear their name during mail call. If anybody can bring a little light…it’s these two boys.

If this goes well after the first month or so, we may adopt another service member or two…how hard is a letter?


Speaking of Seabee, we’ve been talking regularly up until this week. My phone (for whatever reason) cannot send or receive text messages and has not been getting all the phone calls either…which I didn’t know until two different phone calls from the school today did not go through. There is no worse feeling than thinking you are being ignored…only to find out the problem is on your end…I might need to purchase a new phone; not something I can afford at this time. I’m hoping that resetting it (as I did today will solve at least the phone call issues as I cannot afford to miss any calls for work.

We are all doing well…hockey is in full swing, bowling is going strong, and I’m coaching again. I think I like this year even more than last year…or at least equal.

It becomes EXTREMELY clear every time I lace up just how much cancer has taken from me. I cannot even think of racing with the kids on the ice or even playing keep away. What I can do is coach fundamentals…and to do it right I believe you have to get good before you get fast. I’m often telling the kids to SLOW DOWN on drills as it is not a race and I don’t care how fast they can skate if they can’t do anything else.

As my strength returns I pray that I can work more, play more hockey, and just enjoy these kids like they deserve to be enjoyed.

Love and hugs to all.


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