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This week I plan to pick up most of the gifts needed for Christmas…B1 is getting a box series of Harry Potter, some Lego’s, and a few other small things. B2 will be getting new hockey socks (to match his travel, in house and practice jerseys), Nerf ammo, and I dunno what else. The girl will get a month of her cell phone paid.

My church paid my rent for December to make sure that I had funds to buy gifts for them. They cannot even begin to know how that gesture helps the over all picture of getting back on our feet.

I will have two paychecks in December totaling about $500…that will help us start to get out feet back under us.

I have a trip back to Mayo at the end of the month (before Christmas) for follow ups.

Life is starting to look somewhat normal again. I’d like to be working more but know that I physically just can’t do it. It’s  difficult not being able to go full speed yet.

I’m hoping that by summer I can have most of my strength back. Then I will have to undergo the reconstruction phase and that will keep me down for the most of the summer. My prayer is to be ice-ready for the end of October.

Being a coach means I get some fees waived (registration with USA Hockey and coaching clinic fees) plus I get a free coat and a waiver for concession hours. One of our major fundraisers is working concessions for the high school hockey games. We receive 13% of each till’s receipts. Each player must cover 12 hours of concessions up to a family cap of 24 hours.

As somebody donated B2’s hockey registration fees this year, I have opted to work a few shifts to help out.

Just a rambling post…but it’s a post.



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